HIGH TEMPERATURE HEAT PUMPS DESIGNED FOR DOMESTIC, COLLECTIVE AND TERTIARY HTi70 High temperature heat pumps with a wide capacity modulation 6 kW to 14 kW Learn more HRC70  High Temperature Heat Pump 17 kW to 96 kW Learn more HRC70 Hybrid High Temperature Heat Pump 5 kW to 7 kW Learn more

Heat pumps HTi 6-8 kW

HTi 70 HIGH TEMPERATURE HEAT PUMPS WITH A WIDE CAPACITY MODULATION 6 – 14 kW Air source              Heating     Domestic water  only HTi70 6 & 8 concerned  THE NEW RANGE OF HIGH TEMPERATURE & ULTRA MODULATING HEAT PUMPS • HIGH TEMPERATURE: heating water up […]

Pulsatoire Gas Condensing Boiler

PULSATOIRE Gas condensing boiler with pulse reactor 20 – 240 kW as a cascade installation Gas              Heating    Hot water THE PULSATOIRE: A ONE-OF-A-KIND TECHNOLOGICAL WONDER  Designed for domestic, communal, tertiary and industrial applications   Just one PVC pipe needed for fume exhaust  Outstanding efficiency: up […]


LÉLIA+Chaudière Gaz à condensation – de 3,5 à 30 kW  Gaz             Chauffage    Eau chaude EAU CHAUDE SANITAIRE MICRO-ACCUMULÉE POUR UNE DISPONIBILITÉ IMMÉDIATE Chauffage et eau chaude sanitaire Mural ou au sol Cheminée ou ventouse Pilotable à distance Format cuisine : 40 cm de large

Thorix Evolution

THORIX EvolutionHydraulic Management Module Hydraulic Distribution  Heating FOR OPTIMUM MANAGEMENT OF YOUR HEATING CIRCUITS  For new builds or renovation projects Deicing assistance from the heat pump

Solar powered solutions

CYLIA SOLARAir-source solar powered 300L water heater with heat pump back-up                        Aerothermal        Solar          Hot water OUR SOLAR POWERED SOLUTION WITH BACK-UP FROM A BUILT IN HEAT PUMP USES RENEWABLE ENERGY TO MAKE SAVINGS   Simple […]

Our turnkey solutions

OUR RT 2012 SOLUTIONS: Innovative and efficient solutions that comply with RT 2012 regulations QUICK DOWNLOADS QUALITY AND HIGH ENERGY PERFORMANCE FOR EVERYONEMost of a building’s energy consumption goes into heating and domestic hot water. AUER  has developed a range of high performance products to provide solutions which are adapted […]